SD – Service Design

Service – “a set of benefits offered by a provider (or group of providers) to users.” (Penin, 2009)
Service Design –  A  human-centered approach that considers in an integrated way strategic, system, process and touch-point design decisions with a focus on interactions between providers and users to generate value. (Based on..(Saco and Goncalves, 2008), (Manzini, 2009) and (Penin, 2009)).

Service Design Components
-the design of the service offering
-the design of the system
-the design of the interaction
-the design of the interface

As new discipline of design, Service Design did not exist as a concept until the early 1990s, but is based in User Interface Design and Interaction Design.
(Mager 2008)

As the gross national income of developed nations increasinlgy continues to be from services rather than industries, Service Design is expected to solidify.  It also helps decrease the need for international manufacturing//sustainability. We expect Service Design to be a discipline focused on by more researchers, educational institutions and consultancies internationally.

Lara Penin, Service Design Theoretical Framework and Methodological Overview, January 2009
Daniela Sangiorgi, Lancaster University.